Frequently Asked questions

What is Digital TV?

Digital television offers improved quality pictures and sound, many more channels than the 5 terrestrial ones (over 100 TV and radio channels), programming guides and interactive services. There are no contracts or monthly charges. High quality equipment and installation has never been more important to ensure you get the most from your TV. To receive the full benefit of digital programming, you need a fully functioning TV aerial and either a television with integrated Freeview (you will find this in nearly all new TVs now) or connect a Freeview receiver box to your old television set.

Can I get Digital TV?

Digital TV signals are now exclusively transmitted in the UK. In strong signal areas you may still receive digital channels directly through your old analogue TV aerial. However, if you are getting picture break-up or not picking up all of the channels available, you may require an upgraded modern aerial.

What is a Digital aerial?

Firstly the term "digital aerial" is a bit of a myth, since as already mentioned, in some areas, analogue aerials can still be used to pick up digital signals. A more accurate description is simply a modern, updated aerial that is designed to get the best signal possible, using up to date technology such as 4G filters, etc to prevent interference.  

What aerials do you use?

We find that for the vast majority of jobs, our Log Periodic aerials that we use are more than capable of transmitting all of the channels at a high quality signal. It is a very common misconception to buy the biggest, most expensive aerial to get the most channels. This is not only untrue and a waste of money, but can actually cause interference and prevent a decent picture. 

Can I get the Freeview HD (high definition) channels?

You can, yes. To get the Freeview HD channels you will require a fully working aerial and a HD set-top box or a TV that has Freeview HD integrated. There are currently 6 Freeview HD channels available to all, with a further 9 channels available for 75% of the UK. HD picture quality is up to 5x better than standard definition and is free! 

Do you supply the Freeview/Freesat box?

We don't I'm afraid, they are so cheap now from places like Amazon, Argos or anywhere similar that they cost more from our equipment supplier at trade rates!  In any event, most TVs incorporate Freeview so you don't need a separate box.

Can the aerial go in the loft?

Obviously an aerial outside, high on a mast is going to pick up the best signals but providing the signal is strong in your area, it should not be a problem to set an aerial up in your loft (assuming there is reasonable access)

Why is my signal strength so poor?

Signal received by the aerial can be affected by a range of factors including the strength of coverage from the TV transmitter or the topography of an area (as a rule, if you are up high, then signal shouldn't be a problem). Should you be unfortunate enough to be in a weak signal area, all may not be lost - As long as we can get you a good signal (albeit weak) an amplifier can be used in order to boost what little you have, into a sufficient digital signal to view. Our engineer will advise whether an amplifier is required for any particular installation and will only be used as a last resort measure.

Another reason signal levels may be poor is if there are multiple leads coming from the same aerial. With every extra cable, signals reduce in strength. Therefore, if you have 3 or 4 TV points in a house and you are finding the quality is getting worse, the chances are you will need either an upgraded aerial or an amplifier, to increase the strength to the various TV points.

What television transmitter will I point towards?

It's very difficult to say because unless you are situated in the Fenton area, It will all depend on which one shows the strongest signal strength on our meters.

Can I get Freeview through my Sky dish?

Freeview will only work through an aerial but Freesat works via a Sky dish. Not too many TVs have this built in (although some do) so the chances are you will have to purchase a Freesat box, but they are readily available and not too expensive. Just like with Freeview, there are no monthly/annual fees, you simply plug it in, set it up and play.

Can I have more than one lead coming from my aerial or satellite dish?

Yes. Your TV aerial or Sky connection can be installed in multiple rooms with necessary cabling. You may want to have a TV in the kitchen, children's playroom or bedrooms. As previously mentioned, an amplifier may be required to ensure that picture quality is of a sufficient standard.

Sky have been out and told me that they are not allowed to put up my dish due to their regulations. Can you help?

This is a very common job for us. We supply and fit many Sky dishes that their technicians are unable to do. They have very strict rules, it may be too high, awkward to get to, requires putting on a chimney, etc. If you have just been told this by your Sky fitter, then contact us and we will finish the job and set up your Sky box for you.

Can you set it up so I can watch Sky in a different room?

If you currently have a Sky subscription and would like to be able to watch it in another room in the house but aren't keen on paying the extra month fees for Sky Multi-Room, we may have a solution. Using a "magic eye" we can set you up so that you can control your Sky box from a different room of the house. The drawback is that you will not be able to view different Sky channels in different rooms of the house - It will have to be the same for both at any one time.

Do you offer a repair service?

We do. If a part of your aerial or dish has gone faulty and doesn't require a whole new upgrade, we will always try to repair it first. Things such as cuts in a cable, faulty connections, failing LNBs on dishes and many more jobs can all repaired or replaced without the need of putting everything up new. We do not repair faulty Sky boxes and if your TV is found to be at fault, we recommend the Hyland's Service team to have a look at that for you. 

Can I mount a TV on a plasterboard wall?

Yes. We can supply special fixings to the TV and bracket to make it secure.


If any of the below scenarios apply to you and the solution we suggest has not worked, please contact us and our fitters will come out and provide you with a free assessment and quote for any work required.

My TV says "No Signal - Check your aerial" 

1) Reset and then re-tune your TV

2) If that has not worked check the TV connections are securely in place

3) If you have an amplifier installed, check the power unit to see if a LED light is on

4) Check to see if the aerial has moved or blown over.

The pictures have frozen on my TV and appear stuck

Electrical items sometimes "crash". It is cliched but the first thing to try is powering it off completely at the plug for a few minutes. Reboot it back up and if necessary, re-tune the stations in.

I had a power cut and my TV has lost all the channels

Simply do an automatic re-tune and once saved, all should be working again fine.

I have TVs in several rooms of the house and they are all showing a blank screen

If all of the TVs are showing the same message then the most logical answer is that either the aerial is faulty/moved or if an amplifier was fitted, the power unit could have blown.

I have just moved into a new-build property and I have plugged my TV into the socket but I get no pictures

All new-build properties come with aerial cables and connections all fully installed behind the internal walls. The cables all lead to the loft where you will find them waiting for an aerial to be connected to them. Please contact us if you would like us to do this.