High-Definition CCTV System

Using the latest CCTV equipment, you can see from the video below, that our HD CCTV systems provide fantastic, clear images. This enables you make out clear facial features and read number plates with ease.


  • Full HD 1080p capable cameras that are waterproof (IP66) so can be used in or outdoors

  • LED range of approx. 25m (around 80ft)

  • Quick and easy networking to your smartphone, tablet device or PC

  • HD DVR, with 1080p AHD recording capabilities with a 1TB hard-drive.

  • Various recording modes. Such as motion detection, scheduled, and continuous 24/7

For more detailed information about this CCTV system, please contact me


Our prices are very simple and standard for all customers and includes the supply and installation of the CCTV system.

HIGH DEFINITION, 1 x CAMERA CCTV SYSTEM - Fully supplied, fitted and setup for just £350

ADDITIONAL CAMERAS - £100 per camera (e.g. A 4 x camera HD system comes out at £650, fitted)


  • Monitor - £95. A viewing screen is essential. We can however, use an existing TV/monitor that you may already have.

  • TP Link - £75. To wirelessly connect your broadband router to the DVR if they are in different areas of the property.

  • Externally Fitted Ethernet Cable - £50. Does the same job as the TP Link (above) but uses a cable to connect to the router.

  • Upgraded HDD - £50 for a 2TB HDD to be fitted in the DVR, for more storage than the 1TB we offer as standard.